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DiRT Rally -> Logitech G29

Posted: 14 Aug 2018, 08:02
by wernerml
There you go guys: ... trally.xml

I tried to make similar to the HUD Dial animation, but making Upshift blinking a little earlier to alert me to gear up!

Just copy this file to: %AppData%\FanaLEDs\



1. After running FanaLEDs, you can only choose 1 car, then minimize it, and don't touch it anymore... if you change car you have to close FanaLEDs, re-open it, and choose another car
2. Sometimes the Upshift blinking light aren't blinking, just close and re-open FanaLEDs
3. TIP: Change Upshift blinking rate from 200ms to 50ms, much better!
4. to use this dirtrally.xml in DiRT 4, just make a copy and rename to dirt4.xml


and (of course) for this to work, you have to edit the hardware_settings_config.xml in the folder: %UserProfile%\Documents\My Games\DiRT Rally\hardwaresettings\ and change the final lines to this:
<dbox enabled="false" />

<udp enabled="true" extradata="3" ip="" port="30500" delay="1" />

<fanatec enabled="true" pedalVibrationScale="1.0" wheelVibrationScale="1.0" ledTrueForGearsFalseForSpeed="true" />
<controls neutralTimeToShift="0.25" />
<DefaultValueCausedByCreatingAnE nativeSupport="false" fanatecNativeSupport="false" sliProNativeSupport="false" />

Here are some screenshots: ... a_LEDs.png ... erview.png (download this to check the names) ... ig.xml.png

Observations: These were made using FanaLEDs 2.5c , also: all cars were fully upgraded !
want a savegame with All Cars bought + (most of them) upgraded ? -> ... ars%29.rar