Is Fanaleds Finished?

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Is Fanaleds Finished?

Post by BARMotorsport »

The writing has been on the wall off and on for over two years now. I know that the main "technical guy" has other pressing issues in his life, now I think the "communicator of the two guys" has also joined his partner. :cry:

Well, it was good while it lasted. Guys, please at least have the decency to say goodbye (unlike the Siminstruments Dash guys that just dissipated).

Anyway, thanks for your efforts and thanks for being the only act in town that attempted to keep the Siminstruments Dash running.


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Re: Is Fanaleds Finished?

Post by RodentYell »

Lets hope not as it means new hardware for me.. :shock:

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Re: Is Fanaleds Finished?

Post by Bose321 »

No worries guys. It's true that there has not been any activity on the site and forum lately. But we're not gone. I wouldn't any release soon though.

We'll let you know if we would to stop. ;)
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Re: Is Fanaleds Finished?

Post by DirkT »

Nope still here, but yeah spare time is rare these days and please do not forget this is all free for you guys.

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Re: Is Fanaleds Finished?

Post by duerrs »

I do not know know why you would think its dead....always worked flawlessly after the current release...not dead at all in my book.

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