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Posted: 02 Sep 2020, 18:16
by wintec
Is it possible to do support for WRC 9 since Fanatec is now integrated into the game.

Re: WRC 9

Posted: 10 Sep 2021, 05:02
by beno
Support for WRC 10 would be awesome now that it's the new best rally sim we have :mrgreen:
If getting the game in the hands of Fanaled developers is needed, I'm sure we can take care of that.

Re: WRC 9

Posted: 12 Sep 2021, 19:50
by beno
I found a way to get WRC10 to work with Fanaleds.

Using this patch: ... tch.38991/

Just install the patch following the instructions, then you launch their stub DirtRally2.exe with "/port 30500 /protocol extradata3" and Fanaleds will believe Dirt Rally 2 is running and fetch the telemetry correctly.

To make it easier to launch, create a shortcut to DirtRally2.exe. It should look like this:

Now back to driving the Celica GT4 at the 1993 Kenya Safari Rally with SLI-Pro support :D

Re: WRC 9

Posted: 04 Nov 2022, 03:52
by beno
The new WRC Generations was released today and it supports telemetry.
Any chance to get native support in Fanaleds?

Here's the documentation for the telemetry: ... 9159011342