Logitech Keyboard Lighting Support

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Logitech Keyboard Lighting Support

Postby theColeHardTruth » 08 Sep 2017, 02:54

Hey all, first off I'd like to express how much I love FanaLEDs and how thankful I am that you put so much effort into this little yet extremely useful tool. You guys are doing awesome work, and half my sim crap wouldn't work without you (exaggerating of course, but it feels like it sometimes!)

Second, I'd like to pitch the idea of supporting Logitech keyboard lighting in your next FanaLEDs build. While it does sound a bit odd, it'd be pretty useful for those sim racers that have keyboards with that fancy lighting technology yet nothing to use it with! Logitech itself supports this, but only for Assetto Corsa and iRacing unfortunately. (Here's what I'm talking about.
AC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2ccZXjZoT0
iR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67C_Nz4dGEY)

I thought since FanaLEDs can already grab plenty of info from our favorite games, it can't be hard to apply this to keyboard lighting, right? Especially not since Logitech supplies a pretty expansive SDK for all their lighting effects and whatnot, see here. http://gaming.logitech.com/en-us/developers

What do you people think? Maybe we could have some customization for showing temperature bars, or flag colors, or even pedal depression bars like seen in the insert-delete-home section of the keyboard in the video? I figure if anyone's up to the job, it's you legendary people! :D

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