Issues with Fanatec CSL Elite base + McLaren GT3 wheel

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Issues with Fanatec CSL Elite base + McLaren GT3 wheel

Postby zamb0ni » 10 Jul 2018, 07:49


I just wanted to pass along that I have had several problems with my base/wheel combo when using Fanaleds in Automobilista and rFactor 2. A couple of problems I am confident are due to Fanaleds, but the other problems don't happen often enough to be sure it is problem with the program.

Issue 1: The first time I am out on track in either AMS or rFactor 2, the steering rotation will be off (doesn't automatically recognize the steering rotation). If I return to pits and then go back on track then it is fine. If I quit the sim and then rejoin (or switch to another sim) then the auto steering rotation is fine. If I don't have Fanaleds loaded, the steering rotation is fine.

Issue 2: Several times when practicing in rFactor 2, the pit limiter button on the Mclaren GT3 rim will stop working. If I quit the sim and then go to the Fanatec driver properties, the button still won't work. I need to cycle the base off and on for it to work again. This past weekend I was practicing in AMS, and my shift up paddle stopped working. Again I had to cycle the wheel off and on. Because this problem is kind of rare, I can't definitively say it is due to Fanaleds. But I have not had the problem with the buttons cutting out on me without having Fanaleds running.

Issue 3: When driving the new P2 Oreca in rFactor 2 (On LeMans track) The shift indicator would read N after shifting into 6th gear.

Because of Issue #2 above I have quit using Fanaleds because I really don't want to lose my pit limiter button or shifting capability in a race :). In AMS I could dual map buttons in case something went wrong, but in rFactor 2 it only allows a single button definition for each function.

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