FanaLeds in conflict with Assetto Corsa Competizione 1.5.2 and up with TM TS-PC 488

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FanaLeds in conflict with Assetto Corsa Competizione 1.5.2 and up with TM TS-PC 488

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First of all, thank you for this great app! I love it.

I own a Thrustmaster TS-PC Ferrari 488 Challenge wheel with LEDs on the wheel rim. The manual states right off the bat that the leds will work only by using SLI Max or FanaLeds. I didn’t like SLI while Fanaleds was exactly what I was hoping to find.

My issue is the custom assignments I made to the leds in Fanaleds are now overridden by ACC after the support for my wheel was introduced in the game.

Partially because FanaLeds seems to override the brightness of the leds on my wheel (always 100%), partially because I already see the revs on in-game cockpit display I used Fanaleds to give the LEDs other functions than revlights instead. Specifically:
- no more revlights
- 5 middle leds blink on shiftpoints
- every second led blinks while pit-limiter is on
- 4 left and 4 right leds blink on low fuel warning

This was working flawlessly with Assetto Corsa (AC1) and Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC) but with the recent update of ACC to v1.5.2 it does not anymore. HOWEVER the leds work without Fanaleds now in ACC. Looks like support for my wheel (or all wheels with leds) was added, I don’t know. Updating Fanaleds does not resolve the issue. AC1 still works like a charm.

After some research it turns out that:
1. Together with update 1.5.2 Kunos (ACC devs) changed the way the input devices are registered in game. Something about “not device ID anymore but device ID instance or something” so that the game could recognize two or more identical switch boxes connected for example.

2. It’s not like Fanaleds does not affect the leds anymore now. It does but only for a fraction of a second just to be almost immediately overridden by in-game way of using leds. At first I thought I was seeing things but the videos below prove it. The first one is what my custom assignments look like in AC1 and the other one shows the override problem in ACC.


First half shows the pit limiter, the second half the shiftpoints leds behavior


[looks like I cannot or do not know how to properly post built in YT videos, please use the links instead]

The leds blinking while pit-limiter gets engaged are pretty easy to notice but with the shift point you have to look closely to nice that the 5 middle green leds blink on right revs trying to come “on top” of in-game revlights. Thankfully the refresh rate thing wile recording monitors makes it visible. IRL its harder to notice.

I tested the “disable Fanaleds plugin” option in the game but it does not change anything.

I attached the lastlog.txt file.

It looks to me like the in-game mode of leds gets priority over FanaLeds plugin. Could you please look into it? Even if you state this is beyond Fanaleds and up to Kunos it would be helpful as I would post it on their forum in the topic I started. They seem to have reported the bug but I cannot tell if they have any plans on fixing it.
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