XAP Performance wheel screen geting stucked

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XAP Performance wheel screen geting stucked

Post by SimonVir »


I have some problem with display on XAP Performance stearing wheel working with Fanaleds software.
The screen once per sometime gets stuck. There is no rule when it happens, sometimes after 5 laps and sometimes not at all. Moreover, when I turn of the game, and come back to the Fanaleds soft, it is also hanging. Only restarting the Windows or turning off stearing wheel helps to fix this issue.

I tried to reinstall soft, but it did not helped and we have the newest soft version.

What could be reason of the problem? Does anybody faced similar issue?

Looking forwards to receive your help

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Re: XAP Performance wheel screen geting stucked

Post by DanMcAuley »

I'm having the same issue,

Did this ever get solved ?

I have the XAP Formula wheel, and the display and revlights keep crashing. All the other functions of the wheel continue to work fine. Sometimes it happens after a few laps others after a few corners.

If i unplug the wheel and plug it back in it sometimes lets it work for a few seconds again,

I am 99.9% sure the problem lies with fanaleds because when i run the game in windowed mode and click on fanaleds, the whole window is buggy and non responsive, the CPU usage of fanaleds also drops to 0%

Thanks in advance

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