CSP V3 in iRacing - no gas rumble?

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Re: CSP V3 in iRacing - no gas rumble?

Post by Ianford2 »

Hi there everyone

Been racing with the v3 pedals for over a year now and in Iracing the brake rubble works every now and then and then nothing.. As for the throttle rumble there is no support for the simulator at all.

I race with rfactor2 and 1 and raceroom and it works everytime.

I load up and do all tests like you do from the start up of the pc to tests in all profiles with fanatic and fanaleds but in Iracing nothing.

I hope this helps.

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Re: CSP V3 in iRacing - no gas rumble?

Post by wayne5w »

I have the same problem. Throttle rumble works from Fanatec app dialog but not in iRacing. Any chance this is going to be fixed? Happy to donate if it will get it done. Rumble from wheel slip is literally the only feature I am looking to sue from Fanaled.

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