Fanaleds becoming useless !

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Fanaleds becoming useless !

Postby BARMotorsport » 03 Mar 2018, 20:47


Sorry to report as a long time user and Fanaleds supporter, My Fanaleds is spending more time not working than working these days, and I expect you guys to be gone any day.

Problem: BMW Wheel and SimInstruments Dash in at least AC and RaceRoom randomly hangs only on parts of tracks and comes back to live moments later... SAME parts of track every time... Some days, it works perfectly all day long... Really getting frustrating because I actually rely on it for dead accurate shifting... BTW, I also have a tablet running DashMeterPro and SLIMAX and it NEVER hangs, never fails to work after updates, NADA! It just works like Fanaleds used to!

:cry: I used to dream of you actually adding features... now I just pray that it would work like it used to. :cry:

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Re: Fanaleds becoming useless !

Postby RodentYell » 04 Mar 2018, 19:52

I run Fanatec 2.5 and the BMM & Formula rims, all is fine my end with AC & R3E and a Siminstrument dash, to be fair these guys do their best, considering the owners of the Siminstrument dash just gave up without saying a god dam word, yes the LCD screen doesn't fully function, but to be honest as long as the Led's and the the gear indicator work that's all I need as everything else can be watched via the sims themselves.

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Re: Fanaleds becoming useless !

Postby BARMotorsport » 13 Mar 2018, 16:48

Thank you Roden, thank you for sprinkling Pixie Dust on my post.
I'm so happy for you and that things are running sweet "on your end"!
Yes, Siminstruments guys leaving without a word really sucked.
Yes, the guys at Fanaleds ARE and have been my savior since 2013
Yes I have contributed and praised them multiple times over the past going on six years.
Yes, I can do math as well... (I was a customer before I was a blogger).
Yes, as I said; I would not be shocked to find them gone any day.
Yes, I'm intelligent enough to recognize that negative criticism does not equal positive reinforcement and given enough negative, it could actually hasten their exodus!
Yes, I acknowledge, I was blowing off steam!

If I want to have a "Lover's Spat" with my boys at Fanaleds, I've earned it! :D And I can assure you that I will enjoy the "make-up sex" just fine without catching Pixie Dust in my crack while I doing it! :D
-Thank you

Just having fun Mr. Yell, I really didn't mind you post at all...
You and "my Fanaled Boys" have a great day!!!

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