G923 + Fanaleds

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G923 + Fanaleds

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Hey all, long time Fanaleds user, first time forum poster....have just recently purchased the Logitech G923 wheel as my G29 has finally given way and has broken....upon playing certain games (Assetto Corsa and American Truck Simulator) it seems that the fanaleds plugin doesn't seem to work with American Truck Simulator. I've managed to get the plugin working with Assetto Corsa through the content manager app but lose one set of LEDs on the G923, unfortunately there's nothing for American Truck Simulator and unfortunately when I hit the hardware tab in the fanaleds menu nothing pops up. I have seen in the forums of a future possible update coming for support for the G923 in majority of games, I was just wondering if anyone has managed to have the wheel it's self appear in the hardware tab....thanks in advance everyone and have a great day/night.

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Re: G923 + Fanaleds

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The G923 is not yet supported, so you will have to wait for the next release. We hope to release it soon.
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