Throttle Vibration

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Throttle Vibration

Postby kelvinmasur » 08 Sep 2017, 20:35

Im new to this, I have clubsport v3 pedals. I feel the vibration in the brake pedal while braking, but I do not feel any vibration in the throttle. Everything else checks out during calibration. how to fix?
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Re: Throttle Vibration

Postby duerrs » 28 Apr 2018, 22:40

Im having the same issue with my clubsport v3 inverted Pedal set as well. Brake works great but no throttle can be felt at all. Im new to this program as well. In the past norton antivirus was flagging this as a virus but i see that issue has been resolved at least in 2.5b. One thing i did notice is that it seems like fanaleds will stop responding ever 30 seconds or so. it will clear itself up in a few seconds but i wanted to know if this is normal. It makes playing with the settings a pain in the butt since i will click on an option only to have nothing happen until the "program is not responding" balloon goes away. Loving having the brake vibration and now i can even feel it in the steering wheel as well. I do not think i could feel that before fanaleds.

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