Sim Racing Machines Fanatec QR adapter

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Sim Racing Machines Fanatec QR adapter

Postby dpj463 » 20 Dec 2017, 21:26

I am having the strangest problem.

When I attach this adapter to my DD wheel,  Fanaleds and Joytokey will not work.  If I take it off the rig, everything works as it is supposed to.  When I reattach it very loosely, everything works.  When I tighten it down, the same error occurs.


1. Fanaleds

With the adapter attached to the rig, the software indicates  a clubsport  wheel is attached with no rim.  When I place either my F1 or my BMW wheel, Fanaleds still shows no rim attached.

When I take the adapter off the rig, everything works perfectly.

2.  JoytoKey

When the adapter is off the rig.  I can attach either wheel and everything works as it should.  When the adapter is attached to the rig, my joystick 1 (which is my wheel) shows several of the buttons highlighted in yellow.  None of the buttons work.

Any help in troubleshooting would be appreciated.
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