No pedal vibration in games

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No pedal vibration in games

Post by sbarton »

I get vibration when Fanaleds starts and when I do the test in the software, but in games I don't feel any vibration on my ClubSport V3 pedals (plugged in via USB). iRacing, Assetto Corsa, and rFactor2. The LEDs and stuff work on my CSL Elite Xbox wheel.



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Re: No pedal vibration in games

Post by mac2 »

getting exactly the same - everything I have tried Asseto corsa, ACC and Rfactor2 don't get any rumble through the pedal..………………..also you can try running the auto setup (in the help function) - but for Ac and ACC this just says
there are some missing files in my game setup folder...…….I think fanaleds seems to be broken....only reply I got for the developers is that try plug the pedals in with the usb (stilldoesnt work!)

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