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AC memory map file

Posted: 21 Feb 2013, 09:12
by DirkT
So AC(tp) is about to be released to the public. All plugins, including ours, are desperatly trying to find out what kind of layout they are using for Live Telemetry.

This is what I've come up so far:

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// AC memorymap is 252 bytes long, Name: Local\acpmf
// While being built by the same people as NKPro, the map is completely different.
struct AssettoCorsaMap {
        int unknown1;
        char carname[32];
        char trackname[32];
        int unknown2[2];
        int gear; // -1 for R, 0 for N, 1 for 1, etc...
        int rpm;
        int maxrpm;
        int unknown3[9];
        float clutch; // not sure
        float throttle;
        float brake;
        float unknown4[2]; // clutch here would make more sense (untested)
        float speed; // in meters/second
        float unknown5[4];
        unsigned int laptime; // realtime
        unsigned int lastlaptime; // not sure
        unsigned int bestlaptime; // not sure
        float gforce_x;
        float gforce_y;
        float gforce_z;
        int unknown6[17]; // most remaining values seem to reflect acceleration values
It would be very much apreciated if new findings were to be posted here so we too can benefit from a complete set of values. These values have been found by myself using the MemoryMapVisualiser (reader).

Have fun developing.