Fanaleds 2.3f

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Fanaleds 2.3f

Post by magicaldog »

rocafella1978 wrote:thx magicaldog.
I tried this "soft lock=1" in the ini file for AC, but it does not effect at all in game.
on my CSW V2, i put Sen=Aut and Sen=900 to test it out...then same in AC controls menu, set "dor=900".
loaded monza then barcelona, with Lotus GT4, Corvette C7R and BMW Z4 GT3.
in all 3x cars, any small turn left or right i turn the wheel almost complete rotation, for hairpins almost to end of wheel rotation...and fast sweepers have to turn more than 90degrees, that can't be correct and/ or right.
so solution and better, to have Fanaleds control that with correct wheel rotation/ angles values written into "ac.XML"
I am working on this as we speak, but can't find out how to search or figure out wheel rotation/ angle from real cars, to be able to write into XML.
example: Lambo Huracan GT3 = 360? 400? 420? 450?

There is something wrong with your settings.

Perhaps calibration in AC is wrong, should also be 900

Fanatec profiler should be 900

Wheel should be AUt

You dont have to change it for every car in the xml file

There is also a setting called "Virtual steering wheel rotation limit" that I have off.
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Fanaleds 2.3f

Post by rocafella1978 »

hi magicaldog, thx for the pointers, will reset wheel and recalibrate, post all details and results. I know it should not do so, but it does, i find it strange since I got my PC just new (really clean system and barely any progams installed! and only game so far is AC!) and i had no issues at all when i started with my PC and AC 1.2, all became weird and strange with 1.3/1.3.1. but i am sure I will figure it out and find the issue! hopefully with help of users and community members like you! again thank you for your efforts abd help!
of course also for your ac.xml!

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Fanaleds 2.3f

Post by Mike1304 »

Today I got my new Fanatec Clubsport V3 pedals. I plugged them via USB to my PC and use them together with my Logitech G27 wheel+shifter. Everything works perfectly except the rumble effect on the brake-pedal.
Whereas in the normal windows-usb-controller-setup my Fanatec pedals are recognized and even the rumble on brake and throttle-pedal works there in the game Assetto Corsa I feel no rumble effects. Then I read that I would need Fanaleds. I downloaded and installed the latest 2.3f-version (with support for the V3-pedals and for the brake-rumble, NOT the throttle-rumble yet) but the Fanaleds-software doesn't even recognize my V3-pedals. In the hardware-tab I only see my G27 wheel but not the V3-pedals. That could be the reason why the rumble doesn't work. Any ideas? Help please! Thank you!

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