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Hello fellow racers,

Please be so kind to read this post before making any topic in the Bugs section or posting in a thread.

  • 1. Search on the forums if somebody else has the same issue, perhaps even find the solution

    2. Check if your hardware is supported and recognized, on the left-center of the window you can see which devices are found by Fanaleds. You can also find almost every device in the 'Hardware' menu, with the exception of Fanatec ClubSport pedals.

    3. Check that all your settings are correct, meaning that:
    • When Fanaleds is running it has a "Status" field on the left-center of the window.
      This will tell you if the game is being processed or not. There are 3 states.
      a. Idle -> No game has been found running
      b. Waiting -> The game is starting up, but the info isn't ready yet
      c. Running -> The game is up and running and we're reading telemetry

      In the event you don't get any LEDs lighting up when the state is 'Running', check your car profiles, the game might need additional values in order to work properly, though most games should work out of the box. Most games from Codemasters won't.

      When the state keeps on 'Waiting', check whether the game is setup correctly, you can use the Help->Setup games automatically to let Fanaleds do it for you. Almost every game we support works with autosetup.

      If you have a game that should be supported by us but the state is still Idle, it probably means the gamedevelopers have changed something that hasn't been taken care of in the current Fanaleds version. Please notify us when this happens.
    4. Run the 'Diagnostic check' under Help. This should light up almost every LED and Rumble any motor that is supported by Fanaleds.

    5. Check if the LEDs do work in another game if possible. Not everybody will have all of the games, but games like Live For Speed have a free demo you can use to test if everything is working properly.

    6. Run Fanaleds with a clean configuration and try to isolate your problem. Once Fanaleds is running, choose File->Open settings folder. Now close Fanaleds and move every file out of that folder. After that repeat what you did before and see if the issue is still present. If it is, see the details on howto put Fanaleds in a more verbose state.
Verbose details
  • 1. Without the board connected start fanaleds and go to File->Open Settings folder.
    Then open up the global.xml file in a texteditor like notepad (don't open in IE)

    2. Close Fanaleds.

    3. Go to the bottom of the file and look for this:
    <settings version="1" />
    change that to:
    <settings version="1" debug="4" />
    4. Now save the file and start Fanaleds.

    5. After your problem as reoccurred, open up the settings folder again, and post your lastlog.txt along with a good description of your problem.
  • 1. Don't hijack another topic, not even your own. Meaning, don't post a completely new unrelated problem in the same thread as another problem. Keep them separated.

    2. Make the title of the post describe the problem you have in a few words. So not titles like 'HELP' or 'No LEDs!!' or 'Fanaleds doesn't work' That's just too random for archiving, people might need your posts someday and it would be nice if they can find them.
    • e.g. if in Live For Speed your revleds don't work, post something like this: "2.1a LFS revleds not working"
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