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Fanaleds is a free to use application that is made with love in our free time. But that doesn't mean we don't have expenses. Hosting the website, buying games and hardware and software do cost money. We would like to ask you to make a donation to help cover some of our expenses.

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Fanaleds version 2.6i - F1 2022 support


MD5-hash - ad3f2cd5baec82d6999c479c9b8da516


Fanaleds version 2.6h - F1 2021 support fixes


MD5-hash - 79386bddb0453f703f60bd0f4a344e88


Fanaleds version 2.6g - F1 2021 support


MD5-hash - 2ac484ac10dbcfb8518eed72bb7ce9f9


Fanaleds version 2.6e - Logitech G923 and Forza support added


MD5-hash - 021806547a0d136c2cbd1d5f7f395787


Fanaleds version 2.6j - F1 2023 support

MD5-hash - 122fd049cdb2019bfc2c6b2ec9e0c3dd

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