Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fanaleds?

Fanaleds is a free plugin for your sim racing hardware. Originally started on Fanatec wheels that make use of telemetry from games which is shown on the display. This telemetry information includes things like the current speed and the gear you're in. Some games even give us the option to detect wheel locking and making the brake pedal on the Clubsport Pedals vibrate to simulate ABS. For an overview of features per game we would like to refer to this page.

My display is empty, what to do?

If nothing appears on your display(s) while using Fanaleds, please follow these troubleshoot steps: Shut down all games and quit Fanaleds. Check the readme to reinstall Fanaleds. Then start Fanaleds without any game running. If your display is still empty when you start Fanaleds, run the diagnostics test under the help tab in Fanaleds. If your display is still not working feel free to contact us.

What hardware does Fanaleds support?

Fanaleds supports all Fanatec wheels, the SLI-M, SLI-PRO and SLI-F1 display from Leo Bodnar, "The Dash" from Siminstruments, the Steelseries SRW-S1 and the Logitech G27 and G29. Each device has extended options which are configurable individually. Check this page to see which features are available on the supported hardware.

Why is feature X not supported for game Y?

Because the telemetry data from each game is different it's simply impossible to support all features for all games. Fanaleds has to work with the provided information games give. Not all games provide all the information for all features Fanaleds has, so it's simply impossible to support it.

Which games are currently supported?

Fanaleds started as a Live for Speed plugin but since version 0.3 Fanaleds also has support built in for Codemaster games, GTR/Race franchise games, iRacing, rFactor and much more. We currently support over 30 games! Some games require additional settings like plugins or config files in order to function correctly. Please follow our readme for detailed instructions. For a full list of supported games and features per game, make sure to head over to this page.

Why don't the revleds on my display match those in-game?

We can't guarantee that the Fanaleds revleds match those in-game out of the box. In case you want to change this, you should create custom car profiles. You can do this by click the advanced tab, and selecting car profiles. You have to make sure the correct game profile is selected, and that you match the car name you want to edit.

Does Fanaleds work on my system?

Fanaleds is built with the latest technologies in mind, so it should not have a problem running on other Windows versions above XP SP3, including windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. Even Windows 10 is supported. If you’re facing any trouble with your operating system, please check for Fanaleds and Windows updates.

Does the Fanatec brake pedal rumble work?

The games that allow this do. Either via an USB cable or directly to your wheel with the PS/2 cable. Make sure to read our readme for a complete list with rumble supported games.

The rumble on my wheel and/or pedals is not working, what do I do?

In case you get no rumble on your pedals, please make sure they are connected via USB. The brake rumble directly via the wheel through the PS/2 connection is not working (properly) due to a limitation in the Fanatec firmware. If you press "Run diagnostic test" under the help tab in Fanaleds, the rumble on your wheel and pedals should be initiated.

Why doesn't the brake rumble on my Fanatec CSP pedals work?

There seems to be a difference in rumble motor resistance, both electrical and mechanical. Fanaleds already sends the maximum amount of power to the rumble motor. Also make sure the pedals are connected through USB.

I manufactured a display, can Fanaleds support it?

We are always looking to expand our range of supported hardware. If you can spare a display for us for development purposes, we would be happy to support it. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in Fanaleds supporting your display.

Can’t find the answer to your question? Feel free to contact us, we are always ready to assist you with any questions you may have in mind. We also have a supportive forum with active and helpful members.

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