Fanaleds download history

Need an older version of Fanaleds, or just feeling nostalgic? Here you can browse through all of the public releases of Fanaleds.


Fanaleds version 2.5n - Fixed RRE and iRacing


MD5-hash - e2ee34cf30a6fd086c0265e824915523


Fanaleds version 2.5l - Support for Fanatec DD wheelbases and DiRT Rally 2.0


MD5-hash - 2176aa6c232bf5d1a58b9a09c7b27947


Fanaleds version 2.5g - Added McLaren Rim, AssettoCorsa Competizione, F1 2018


MD5-hash - b405b4183f5dc486c6f276148fc72d4c


Fanaleds version 2.5c - Fixed lag in software caused by autoupdate checker


MD5-hash - 884e166e1c6b3c35060fc5ed683ddaaf


Fanaleds version 2.5b - Added support for Thrustmaster TS-PC RACER Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition


MD5-hash - 7ea0c8d431e99fc95fc61bbc4a6f00e0


Fanaleds version 2.4v - F1 2017 and Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 fix


MD5-hash - 5e77309898e8af9974962373f7207daa


Fanaleds version 2.4u - Added support for RaceRoom Experience x64


MD5-hash - cc3128fe5644d74e7a01b292f16a2e0f


Fanaleds version 2.4m - Added support for Fanatec CSL Elite PS4



Fanaleds version 2.4k - Fanatec CSW v2.5 support



Fanaleds version 2.4h - Fixed revlights for F1 2016


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Tom Russell

"Your caring support is truly appreciated."