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We are always looking to expand our range of supported games.
Do you play/develop a game that you would like to be supported by Fanaleds? Feel free to contact us.

GameSpeedGearFuelRPMRevledsABSLock rumbleCar profiles
American Truck Simulator       Virtual Automatic
Assetto Corsa       Real Automatic
Assetto Corsa Pro       Real Automatic
Automobilista       Real Automatic
BeamNG       Virtual Manual
Copa Petrobras de Marcas       Real Automatic
DiRT       Real Manual
DiRT Rally       Virtual Manual
DiRT Rally 2.0       Virtual Manual
DiRT Showdown       Virtual Manual
DiRT2       Real Manual
DiRT3       Real Manual
DiRT3 Complete Edition       Real Manual
DiRT4       Real Manual
DTM Experience       Real Manual
Euro Truck Simulator 2       Virtual Automatic
F1 2010       Real Manual
F1 2011       Real Manual
F1 2012       Real Manual
F1 2013       Real Manual
F1 2014       Real Manual
F1 2015       Real Manual
F1 2016       Real Manual
F1 2017       Real Manual
F1 2018       Real Manual
F1 2019       Real Manual
Formula Truck       Real Automatic
Game Stock Car       Real Automatic
GRID 2       Real Manual
GRID Autosport       Real Manual
GT Legends       Real Manual
GTR       Virtual Manual
GTR Evolution       Virtual Manual
GTR2       Virtual Manual
iRacing       Virtual Automatic
Kart Racing | PRO       Real Manual
Live for Speed       Virtual Automatic
netKar PRO       Virtual Manual
OMSI (Omnibus Simulator)         Automatic
OMSI 2 (Omnibus Simulator)         Automatic
Project C.A.R.S.       Real Automatic
Project Cars 2       Real Automatic
Race 07       Virtual Manual
Race Driver GRID       Real Manual
Race Injection       Virtual Manual
Race Room 2       Virtual Manual
Race Room Racing Experience       Virtual Manual
rFactor       Real Automatic
rFactor 2       Real Automatic
rFactor Pro       Real Automatic
Richard Burns Rally         Manual
Rigs of Rods       Virtual Manual
STCC 2       Virtual Manual
X-motor Racing         Automatic


This feature is supported in this game.
This feature is not supported in this game.
This feature can be attained by creating custom car profiles based on RPM values (use RPM mode to figure out the values)
Virtual Lock Rumble
Based on RPM and speed of the car to detect locking. This works pretty good but is not as accurate as the Real Lock Rumble. Clutch wearing could affect this accuracy for example.
Real Lock Rumble
Based on the speed of the front wheels of the cars, relative to the speed of the vehicle. This always works, in any scenario.
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