Fanaleds 2.2c released

Posted on 09-07-2014 by Gerben Bol

We are happy to announce that Fanaleds 2.2c is now available. We have improved the USB input mechanism to solve some hotplug issues. Important note: you have to re-learn all profile switchers, so please make screenshots of the current settings for example. Support for GRID Autosport is now added as well.

Next to a new game we now also support the Precision Formula Rim by Precision Sim Engineering. The SRW-S1 dials are now support as well. Next to that we have also added proper support for hat-switches for people to enjoy. The most important thing is the change of the USB input mechanism. Your current profiles will lose the USB inputs. So we strongly recommend to take screenshots of the current settings so you can convert them. There is no way to export them unfortunately.

Fanaleds quote

Steve Ford

"This is a must have for Fanatec wheel owners."