Fanatec CSW V2 support

Posted on 30-08-2014 by Gerben Bol

After the release of the new ClubSport Base V2 from Fanatec we are happy to announce that this wheel will be supported when it launches. Fanaleds and Fanatec have worked together closely for the last few months to get this new wheel supported.

Fanaleds had the privilege to try out the wheel as one of the first people in the world for the last few months. Setting up the LEDs on this wheel will be just the same as on the CSW V1. Although the CSW V2 is completely new we wanted to make sure that the user experience of Fanaleds would be exactly the same. This way you are able to go right ahead and play your favourite racing simulators without having to spend more time to configure the display.

Fanaleds quote

Danny Bouwes
iRacing forum

"Sold. The one thing I needed before I'd buy the Fanatec CSW was this. The speedgear mode looks awesome."