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Posted on 28-04-2017 by Gerben Bol

Today we have launched our new website. At first sight not a lot has changed, but that's how it's supposed to be. The website is faster than ever and looks cleaner. The reason we have updated the website is because the old one was bad to manage. Whenever a new game, device, readme, or FAQ had to be added, it took a few minutes. With the new website everything can be done in just seconds. The biggest improvement are user profiles. This will be used for beta testng and is synced with the forum.

All existing forum users are imported in the new user database. You should be able to log in with your existing username and password. New users first have to register on the website before they can login to the forum. All upcoming beta tests will run through the new website. If you would like to help us test an upcoming version of Fanaleds feel free to contact us. Before you sign up please fill in your profile. You can enter your games and devices you own. This way we can select users based on hardware changes. Another great function of this is to be of better support. When users need help with Fanaleds we often have to ask what games and hardware they own. Now a user can simply fill in his/her profile and we can directly see the hardware and games. Oh, and you can show off your public profile with other players! In case you have any issues or suggestions with the new website please contact us.

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