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Fanaleds 2.2c released

Posted on 09-07-2014 by Gerben Bol

We are happy to announce that Fanaleds 2.2c is now available. We have improved the USB input mechanism to solve some hotplug issues. Important note: you have to re-learn all profile switchers, so please make screenshots of the current settings for example. Support for GRID Autosport is now added as well.

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Fanaleds 2.2b released

Posted on 21-05-2014 by Gerben Bol

We have just released version 2.2b of Fanaleds. In this version we have added support to the 64-bit version of Project Cars together with flag information. We have addressed some bugs for Fanatec hardware as well.

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Race night

Posted on 06-04-2014 by Gerben Bol

Tonight at 20:00 CET the Fanaleds 200 will start. Don't forget to tune in to the live feed when the race starts! Drivers will be racing in the Impala and Mustang at the Charlotte Motor Speedway at night. The Fanaleds 200 is the fifth race in the JSF Piston Cup.

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Fanaleds 200 race

Posted on 22-03-2014 by Gerben Bol

Joined Simracing Fanatics have asked Fanaleds to host a race in their Piston Cup racing series. The Fanaleds 200 is the fifth race of the season and will be held on Sunday the 6th of April. Drivers will race head to head on the Charlotte Motor Speedway in the dark. For more information check out our forum post.

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Beta testers needed

Posted on 21-03-2014 by Gerben Bol

We are looking for dedicated beta testers to help us improve future Fanaleds versions. If you feel like you're up to the task please contact us with the additional information about yourself, the games you play and the hardware you use.

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Fanaleds 2.2 released

Posted on 10-02-2014 by Gerben Bol

The release of Fanaleds 2.2 introduces various bug fixes and added features for the rFactor titles. Please note that you have to update your plugins. The SRW-S1 problem which caused Fanaleds to stop responding after a few minutes has also been solved.

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Happy Holidays

Posted on 24-12-2013 by Gerben Bol

It's the time of year to bring out the colourful lights, but fortunately for us sim racers we're not restricted to this period. We are proud to offer software that provides detailed information for thousands of users to their simracing hardware. We would like to thank Leo Bodnar, Siminstruments, Fanatec, and all of you that donated to us.

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Fanaleds 2.1 released

Posted on 28-11-2013 by Gerben Bol

Fanaleds 2.1 has arrived. With this release we are proud to announce the support of the Dash from Siminstruments. This display has many features like the SLI-PRO from Leo Bodnar, but has a LCD screen in addition. Also numerous bugs have been fixed across all supported displays.

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Fanaleds 2.0c available

Posted on 06-11-2013 by Gerben Bol

We have just released another bugfix for Fanaleds. Users on Windows XP and Vista should no longer have a problem running the software. There is also a fix for assigning profiles on Fanatec hardware. Users with a SLI-display can now disable the idle clock.

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Fanaleds 2.0b released

Posted on 04-11-2013 by Gerben Bol

We have released another bugfix for the 2.0 release of Fanaleds. The Logitech G27 should now be working as before. There is now also an option to change when the revLEDs start, and a rumble test for Fanatec hardware.

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